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Mar 31, 2022, 4:14:20 PM via Website

What measures do you take to extend the battery life of your devices?

Recently I was very curious about the subject and I did a lot of research, the most serious and recurring tip I found (including academic articles) was to prevent the battery from getting less than 20% energy, which also applies to the other extreme, prevent the charge from exceeding 80%.

The argument is due exclusively to the material of current mobile batteries, lithium.
Lithium batteries experience a lot of stress when close to the extremes (high or low charge), and this constantly wears down the material.

I currently use several alarms to avoid this, an app I recommend is AccuBattery, which monitors when the battery is close to these two extremes and notifies the user.

Well, that's it, if we can no longer remove the battery and change it these days (our fault, consumers) let's at least extend them as long as we can, thus avoiding the disposal of fully functional devices in nature.

Robin Fraser
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Apr 2, 2022, 10:25:08 AM via Website

Hi, lian_ the Accu battery alarms to charge the battery at 20% is a great move. One should always avoid waiting till the battery runs down dead to start charging. It ages lithium batteries much faster. But to stop charging at 80% doesn't seem that great of an idea that doesn't hamper battery life much. You can charge 100% just make sure you charge the phone when the battery is between 20% to 15%.

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Jun 4, 2022, 10:11:05 AM via Website

Battery life is a measure of battery performance and longevity, which can be quantified in several ways: as run time on a full charge, as estimated by a ...
Your AirPods (3rd generation) can get up to 6 hours of listening time (up to 5 hours with spatial audio enabled)3 or up to 4 hours of talk time on a single charge. If you charge your AirPods (3rd generation) for 5 minutes in their case, you get around 1 hour of listening time5 or around 1 hour of talk time.

Joy of Smartphone
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Oct 29, 2022, 4:35:32 AM via Website

A useful tip you can extend your RV batteries’ lifespan is monitoring temperature and humidity levels. Check the battery’s water level regularly, particularly in hot weather or during heavy loads. Temperature extremes can shorten battery life. Always use distilled water to refill the battery fluid. Do not use tap water because it can produce calcium sulfation.

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