When the Grim Reaper of Google Play visited me

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Apr 29, 2020, 4:53:46 AM via Website

When the Grim Reaper of Google Play visited me and how the coronavirus got me banned from Google Play for life.

The lock-downs just started and I had nothing to do. I figured I'd make some apps, maybe a few with different news niches. I logged into AppYet (a popular RSS news app maker) and whipped up some news apps on many different topics. Over 10 news apps including topics: Cryptocurrency, Investing, Brain teasers, Business, Outdoors, Coupons, Parenting advise, etc.
I was proud of my creations, I created Admob IDs for each one and uploaded them to my Google Play Console account. All at the same time! Suddenly one got a suspension, and then another. The dreaded Google compliance bot saw a news article about the coronavirus and laid the smack down on me. I panicked, hoping I could stop anymore from being reviewed. But it was too late, all were in review status. Four more apps tripped the bots heavy hand and I got a total of 7 suspensions. More than enough to get terminated.

I appealed each one of them and a few got overturned. A few days went by and I thought I dodged a bullet. I went to my favorite App Inventor website Kodular and whipped out a few custom apps. One of which was for a patriotic t-shirt store. Uploaded them with confidence. With hopes high, I went to bed.

The next morning my apps disappeared and I couldn't log into my account. Google sent an email saying my account was terminated and not to bother opening a new one. I have been banned for life!

Google play has always been easiest to get into for new app developers. That's why app quality has always been a mixed bag. Because of how easy it is, there is way more apps submitted than any human can handle. The Google Play bot plays cop, jury, and executioner. Without pity or mercy.

I have heard many people argue the dangers of IA. But now I realize we're all doomed. If the rules are so harsh as not to take into account the circumstances then we are guilty. In an AI society everything is at risk, your Jobs, Healthcare, Retirement and even our very freedom!
I sent an appeal to Google's automated appeal system and was denied. By an AI or a remote human who has mere seconds to judge the merits of the appeal. I have sent additional appeals but nothing, no response or email. I recorded a video and took to Twitter, but to no help.

Let this be a warning. The Google Play bot doesn't play. Upload only one app at a time and wait till it's approved. Be careful if current events may make your app politically incorrect. Don't associate your account with anyone else, you could be banned through association. I can no longer access Google Play even for other businesses or I'll get their business banned too. Finally even with Admob advertising, don't use ads on apps aimed at kids. Even if it's slips through Admob, it's still your fault, you will get suspended.

Anyone have a used iPhone?

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