Motorola Moto X — Moto X4 USB file transfer mode/Starlink

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Mar 23, 2019, 3:50:24 PM via Website

Ran into an issue that can be found all over the internet but I have additional information that I haven't seen in over 200 posts about my issue.

I have a Subaru with Starlink, I start Android Auto and everything is good, working properly until randomly it stops and won't work again until the car and phone is restarted.

Lots of people have this happening. But I found out that what's REALLY happening is the USB file transfer mode automatically turns off, from MTP or file transfer mode to "charge only" or "no data transfer."

This only happens with my Moto X4. I used two friends phones and this issue didn't happen with them. Same cable, same car, different phone/Android build.

Anyone have an idea for a fix?

I'm running Android 9 February Patch.

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