Needing advice on an FRP'ed but semi functional phone

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Aug 3, 2018, 1:13:08 AM via Website

So, I was given a phone by my nephew who is not at all tech savvy. He reset it before mailing it, but didn't remove his accounts, then he changed his Google password. Now the phone will not accept ANY account, and gives a "Try again in 24 hours message" no matter how much time passes. So since then I have backdoored the FRP lock through the "TalkBack exploit" and spent weeks tinkering inside trying to open it. I have tried every trick and exploit I could find in forums: Adding outlook and Google accounts then resetting; disabling, reinstalling and even attempting to patch all Google services and supports. So far nothing breaks the "24 hours" wall. I would love to Root and flash the system, but all app based and "one click" methods have failed. I don't have computer access, but even if I did the few forums threads I've found on my model are made up of people desperately trying to unlock their bootloaders, one of the Verso's biggest drawbacks. So where I'm at now: I have used any app and gimmick I can to make the phone useful, I used a key mapper to return function to my dead hardware buttons, I have a multi function softkey set to start on boot and open my launcher as a permanent bypass to the Google BSOD (and so TalkBack isn't yelling at me every time I have to hack the phone open) I have a notification shade to restore that function and so on. The SIM and IMEI are both blacklisted because of the lock, so no Data/Calling/Messages but WiFi works fine so all those are easy to replace. So I have a working Camera, Studio, Game console and social device.

Even with all my workarounds, sideloads and accessibility hacks, my phone is dying a slow death of Google Starvation. Playstore, Support, Framework, all fail completely without the ability to sign in or achieve Root. Update alone has crashed 11... sorry 12 times as I type this up. So that's where I'm at. If anyone has ANY helpful advice I would appreciate it.

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Jan 15, 2020, 7:41:49 AM via Website

OK, so terrible, but the FRP lock can be removed only with the original Google account and password, but what's more terrible is the password change of gmail password, ok, as far as I know, no tip can remove FRP lock on your phone, or if locked phone is Samsung, try Eelphone Google Account Removal, Samsung FRP bypass without gmail account, googd luck~~(yawn)

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