[Game][Free] Overdrive Shadow Ninja Revenge

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Apr 9, 2018, 5:55:11 PM via Website

Hello guys. I’m a big fan a hạck n’ slash game and platformer. Upon searching for this kind of game on Appstore , i came across this game and found that it has a quite interesting gameplay and i wanna share it to all of you Here are some of my thought and you can easily search for it on Appstore or CH Play if it is any of your interest

• Beautiful artwork , vivid animation , stylish color and tone
• Unique story and theme , especially the prologue of the game is displayed in comic style
• Satisfying skills and combos – 5 combos and one ultimate skill for each characters
•,this game has the same art style as some other Shadow•titled games , Character and enemies model look ok
• Stable performance , rarely lag or shutter happens
• various background evironment
• Gameplay is not very fast•paced and easy to learn thanks to the tutorial at the beginning of the game
• The core mechanic is the harmonious combination of beat em up , hack n’ slash game and platformer with attack , jump and dash buttons
• You can try out all combo and character before unlocking them
• 2 different bonus modes : survival and defense , which add up to the lengthy story mode
• Unique defense tower system

• Only has one background theme
• Boring sound effect
• Unfinished Multiplayer mode
• The 2 survial and defense mode are way too repetitive
• You must spend in•game money or watch a 60•SECOND ADS to get revived at the nearby checkpoint , otherwise you will have to play from the beginning ( which is this game’s most annoying part IMO)
• Power ups such as HP recovery are mostly useless
• Take too long to unlock a new combo or character
• Too many ads pop up after each stages

Despite this game’s many flaws , i actually enjoy the time with it cuz there are only a few platformer games on mobile. Worth giving it a try !

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May 29, 2018, 9:16:08 AM via Website

i think graphics should be improved