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John Smith
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Aug 9, 2017, 2:11:03 AM via Website

Hello there,
I bought Blackphone 2 few months ago and recently found some weird Spaces user(Airlock user) using my Mobile Data and Wifi Data, when opening Data Usage Menu. I have NEVER created this user and it is not listed in my Spaces. The icon(avatar) it is using is Red Color and I do see it sometimes on the TOP Right Corner of the phone, when I slide down the screen from the top.

I was trying to add a screenshot of this Airlock user, but forum doesn't allow new users to do that. Will post it later.

I also do not see any of their customers ever complaining about this Airlock user on any of the forums. No body cares?

I have sent a support ticket, and received very poor response, that I should not be alarmed by this. But no explanation at all. Very strange IMHO.

I will updating everyone on my research here, as well as customers support responses.

I really like the concept of this phone, but things like this make you questions WTF?

P.S. Any developers input would be helpful and appreciated.

John Smith
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Aug 9, 2017, 2:14:27 AM via Website

Here is the screen that I could not attach before. Anyone who knows about it, please let me know.
Also Silent Circle support's input would be helpful, since there is nowhere, even in their manual, saying anything about this Airlock user