Which type of view should I use to list 700 items?

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May 23, 2017, 11:53:44 PM via Website

I'm creating an application where the user will be able to go through a finite list of items and check off the ones they have in their collection. The list is a complete collection of what they could possibly have and will allow them to compare it against their collection when at a store.

There are around 800 possible items they could have and right now I'm loading everything in a text-based listview where the user can click an entry in the list and view all the details for that list item. I'm wondering the following:
- should I use a listview or a recyclerview for this?
- I would like to add an image beside each name in the list so users can see what the item looks like at a glance. Should I have all of these images load initially with the view or load them as the user scrolls?
- Should I have all 800 images stored locally in the applicaiton or load them from a web service? The item names are loaded from a web service (database).

Thanks, I'm rather new to Android development so I'm hoping to learn proper coding styles before doing anything incorrectly.

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May 25, 2017, 5:17:33 PM via Website

  • I suggest you to use a recycleview for this task;
  • Probably you should use a premade libray for image loading. The best options are Picasso library or Glyde;
  • These 2 libraries support loading either from file or web url and I would highly suggest to load it from web service as to store these 800 images locally is quite expensive solution;