Samsung Galaxy S6 — HELP!! Phone got submerged in liquid while it was on the charger....

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May 8, 2017, 5:41:26 AM via Website

So I apparently had too much fun last night and I unknowingly set my phone down in a bowl of pickle juice while it was on the charger. It could have been that way anywhere from a half hour to a couple of hours, I'm not totally sure. Needless to say, when I woke up and found it that way I removed it from the pickle juice asap and took the case off (otter box) and dried the phone as well as I could. But the phone was already off and not responding. I then placed it in a sealed bag of rice and placed it in the sun in my car, which got pretty warm (this is what I read to do). about 10 hours later I watched several videos on how to take the back off and battery out (since the pickle juice voids my warranty and insurance, I figured this didn't matter. I couldn't make the situation worse). anyways, I finally got it apart after several videos, hours, and searching (and finding) the tiniest tools in the house I could find. I dried every inch of the inside of that phone, put it back together and it is still not responding at all... not even with the charger on it...( charger did not get fried, as it works with my husbands phone). My question is, is there any hope? Did I fry the circuit board or battery or something? I have since put it back in the bag of rice and crossing my fingers it works by morning, otherwise I will be heading to town to buy a new phone. :( I love my phone.... anyone have any advice or experience on this? I still hopeing I didn't fry it completely, but unfortunately I believe it is done for. :( Any advice, tips or just plain calling me an idiot is much appreciated!! Thank you!