Telnet does not show the Sensor feature in my Android Studio version (2.2.1)

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Jan 9, 2017, 8:04:49 PM via Website

Hi everybody, as in object, I'm trying to solve the following problem. I was studying Android Emulator features and I was looking for (as some online forums propose) a way to dialog with the emulator console through Telnet. My host works on Android Studio version 2.2.1.

After the client Telnet was invoked (by using "telnet localhost 5554") and after authentication (using the key found in .emulator_console_auth_token), after digit the "help" command, I didn't find the "sensor" in the command list below. Everywhere on the Internet, is shown a situation in which sensor command is used to manage accelerometer, magnetometer, ecc..

Is it possible that from telnet it was removed the ability to set the sensor data? Do you have any advice about that?

thanks in advance