Very unhappy customer

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Andy Kozak
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Apr 22, 2016, 7:52:48 AM via Website

I was with Samsung since 1st come on market and this S7 will be the last. I will never believe that Samsung will release crappie phone like S7.
Ok 1st I purchase one day before going on holiday I know big mistake.WAs working ok for 1/2 day and my Som come to me as usual I want show him how great phon I have ( upgrade S5 to S7 ) And I like to show him how great camera is and camera just stop working no matter what I do can't fix it. We want on Internet and find out that is common problem with s7 we hard reset 4 time as they explain on forum in 5th go work.Then I went on Internet and then just telephone reboot. Next day on my holiday I hawe perfect view and I want make photo guess what is rebooting agein.And anything I want to do is !!!! I don't want use wards all of you can imagine how angry I was!!!!!!!!!! On 1st day when I come back from holiday I going to return this crappie phone AND I think I chang to IPHONE