Picture Messages Overly Compressed

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Apr 22, 2016, 6:25:17 AM via Website


I am new to this forum! I joined to ask a question about the new Marshmallow update.

Ever since my phone updated to android 6.0.1, my messaging app (stock) has been compressing picture messages to the point that text is now unreadable. I use the messaging app all the time to send screenshots of text info. It is now completely unusable.

I searched Google, and I haven't seen any similar complaints yet.... I would like to know if indeed the messaging app has been changed, and if there is a way to quantify the change. For example, messages WERE compressed to 500kb and are NOW being compressed to 300kb, etc....

I would also like to know if there is any way to change the settings back so there is less compression.

Additionally, if there is no way to undo the compression, I would like to contact the software developers to let them know about this problem. Does anyone know how to contact the Android developers to send feedback?

Thanks for reading this and taking the time to respond.


P.S. I tried resending old pictures that went through fine before, and are now unreadable after being sent, so its not an issue with the screenshot, only with the messaging app.