Incorrect MP3 Tags for ONE artist

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Feb 28, 2016, 11:51:02 PM via Website

I have searched many forums, and downloaded many programs to fix this problem but nothing has worked. This problem has only happened to one artist (not a single other artist).
Every time I change the Artist "Nero" it always changes back. Initially it was "nero", then I did something using the app "Album Art Changer" and then, the artist info changed to "Nero.". I tried fiddling and adding letters and it became "Neroc" but if I changed it back it would still be "Nero.". I have tried five different programs on my LG G4 (Album Art Changer, Star Music Tag Editor, Music Tag Editor, Music Album Editor, and ID3Fixer). These all work for every other artist but "Nero".
On my computer I have tried Itunes and Mp3tag to fix the tags. On my computer, the tags show up perfectly normal. Whenever I transfer the mp3 files to my phone it will always change back and show up as "Nero.". I thought it was a problem with all the files, so I deleted all of them and downloaded new ones. I changed the tags and they still show up as "Nero.".
If anyone knows how or why this is happening and if there is a way to fix it that would be great.