Samsung Galaxy S3 — S3 Slow? What say you?

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Feb 28, 2016, 10:51:22 PM via Website

Hey guys. My S3 has been running a little slow recently. Whenever I click to go to settings or open apps it takes longer than usual to complete the action. Especially bad when something is downloading or updating. Is this a common thing with the S3? I didn't think it was, but I thought I would ask. I tried all the tweaks and tips from some of the S3 threads I found (here in the forums, elsewhere, Googling), but there is still some lag.

I've been reading a lot about mods as well, especially the CyanogenMod, but I have the SPH-L710T model (on Boost) and I've read that it isn't a very good model to use that mod on. It would be cool to try an mod the phone, because it seems you can do a lot of awesome stuff once the phone is modded. Makes me a little bit nervous, but I'd be willing to try if someone pointed me to a proven mod/installation process that would work with this phone.

Anyway, so I'm open to any tips or suggestions on making the phone a little faster, like it was before. I'm going to clear the system cache next and see if that helps.

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