Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 — Tab 2 10.1 infested with malware, can't remove!

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Jan 14, 2016, 4:02:11 PM via Website

Hi guys,

I recently bought a Tab 2 10.1 from a friend, with the knowledge that it was "full of viruses". Obviously I know viruses are pretty non-existent so assumed just malware. Anyway I booted it up, and it had already just been given a factory reset. After using it for a few minutes it begins to run incredibly slow, and I notice that it is starting to download and install different apps without my consent, anything from "PornClub" and "GoolePlay" (not a typo). I tried to reset it again myself, but after a few minutes it begins downloading and installing things by itself again, and runs unbelievably slow and sometimes has popups that won't get off the screen and it requires me to restart the device. Looking in My Files I can see that there are some questionable folders in the system folders. How can I go about completely wiping this thing and having it fresh again? I'm pretty new to doing this sort of thing, so any help would be appreciated.



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Feb 19, 2016, 1:38:12 PM via Website

I have the exact same problem. Please answer me this - can your tablet be recognised by PC?
If so, you could try using Oding and flashing a new factory ROM. There are many tutorials on it.
Other way would be to root the phone (again - many tutorials) and manually deleting the virus.

The virus got itself into system directory and has admin privileges, while a user with unrooted tablet has less privileges.

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