LG G3 Cat.6 — Home not responding

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Oct 11, 2015, 9:25:30 AM via Website

My husband has an LG g3 that constantly freezes up at random times and the error message reads HOME NOT RESPONDING. He does not have any other launchers installed on his phone, and has uninstalled many apps and games if it started after they were downloaded. He has over 20g of memory available but can not download his favorite games or apps because each addition makes the problem worse.
We have taken it to ntelos, they say its an app, but he does not have anything installed on his phone that I do not also have on my S5 with no problems.

Resetting the phone only fixes temporarily, he even tried loading an app or two and waiting a couple days for problems before adding more...he hasn't added anything new recently and the problem started again yesterday HOME NOT ESPONDING....happens a lot when plugged in but also happens randomly....SUGGESSTIONS PLEASE!!!!