Lollipop IPv6 broken --> DNSet workaround --> MMS texts broken

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Aug 31, 2015, 4:29:31 AM via Website

So it's pretty clear from searching around that Lollipop's IPv6 implementation is broken, causing very slow wifi on my new LG G4. Unfortunately I have a Comcast router with IPv6 enabled and there's no way to turn it off that I can see or find online. So, I downloaded DNSet which creates some sort of VPN and forces use of IPv4. But as soon as I started using that, MMS text messages refused to work, I would get messages like "can't receive MMS txt, check your APN settings" no matter which text app I used. Then I uninstalled DNSet and MMS worked like a charm.

So it seems I have to choose between fast wifi and MMS texting ability?? Isn't that a bit ridiculous for the newest generation of phone?

This is frustrating as hell, does anyone have a real fix for this or do I really have to just root the thing and disable IPv6 via some shady internet instructions?