[APP][4.0.3+] Turn your smartphone into cloud safe for your sensitive data

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Aug 21, 2015, 5:14:08 PM via Website

Guys! Welcome new Android tool that turns your smartphone into secure cloud safe;)

Please try it (it's free) and share your feedback in comments! Hope you'll enjoy it

Here is the link to Google Play play(dot)google(dot)com/store/apps/d....cloudifilepro.

Cloudifile Pro – turn your smartphone into cloud safe for your
personal data

Living in a world of hacking and personal data stealing, we understand that it’s extremely important to protect smartphone, as it has become the main unguarded storage for private notices, sensitive photos or videos, financial information, copies of IDs and other documents.

But how can we easily obtain proven smartphone protection?

Cloudifile Pro in tandem with Dropbox easily solves this problem for you.

Cloudifile Pro is an Android app that turns your smartphone into a secure cloud safe for your private data.

The only thing you should do is to share selected data with Cloudifile Pro or upload it directly, and our solution will care about the rest.

Cloudifile will encrypt your files with the best-industry-standard encryption algorithms and automatically send them to Dropbox. Once your already protected data is placed into your Dropbox account, it immediately disappears from its original location for security reasons. Now you can be sure that your data is safe: even if a stranger gets access to your device, he or she won’t be able to find any data there – it is securely stored in Dropbox datacenters while only you keep the key to it.

Staying logged in to Cloudifile Pro, you can easily work with your “cloudified” data: view it, share it with other apps, or download it locally to your smartphone. But as soon as you log out, nobody can access it anymore.

Cloudifile Pro for Android allows:

Uploading data directly
To upload file or folder to Cloudifile, navigate to the destination folder within your Cloudifile and tap Upload in the right bottom corner of the screen. Choose files or folders to be “cloudified”, and click the OK button. Selected data will be securely encrypted and uploaded to the Cloudifile folder you are currently browsing. Notice that decrypted copy of your data will be immediately deleted from its original location.

Uploading data from other apps
To share file to Cloudifile from the third-party app (e.g., the image viewer), click the Share button while viewing it in the app. Choose Cloudifile in the list of applications for sharing, and your data will be automatically encrypted and uploaded to the folder with the device name inside your Cloudifile folder. For security reasons, “cloudified” data will be immediately removed from the app cache.

Viewing data
You can easily view your “cloudified” data in the Cloudifile folder with your device name. Navigate across the folders by tapping the necessary folder. Tap the target file to open it in the default viewer.

Sharing to other apps
To share “cloudified” data to a third-party app, long press it and select Share via. After choosing the application, the file will be shared to it in decrypted format. For security reasons, after you finish working with this file, it will be encrypted again, sent to Dropbox, and deleted from the app cache.

To save “cloudified” data to your device, long press the file or folder and select Download. Please note, that it will be a non-protected decrypted copy of data residing on your device.

To delete the file or folder from Cloudifile, long press the file or folder and select Delete.

Cloudifile Pro is totally compatible with desktop version of Cloudifile (cloudifile(dot)com) for Windows and MacOS. Thus, you can install additional desktop tool to access your “cloudified” data from your workstation or laptop and seamlessly and securely sync any desktop folders with your cloud account.

Notice that Cloudifile Pro for Android is FREE for personal use.

Denys Podymskyy