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Aug 7, 2015, 3:07:17 PM via Website

In my Profile-section I can give myself a photo and a name. Information that my contacts should see. It is said there:
"This name will be visible to your Whatsapp contacts."

With this I have 2 problems:
(1) the name that I specify is not seen by none of my friends. I have asked them all (well, almost all...)
What they see is the name that THEY have given me in THEIR contacts.

(2) My profile-photo is not seen by my friends (accounts). In fact that happens only with one of my two smartphones. I have two different devices (both Samsung Galaxy) with different SIM-cards (i.e. different telephone numbers). On one of them (a Galaxy S5) my profile photo works well, i.e. can be seen by my friends, but on the other one (Galaxy GT-I plus) not: Whatever I specify as profile photo is not been seen by others, instead they see only the empty profile-icon.

To make things even more confusing: The profile-photo on that old Galaxy did work, before I bought the new Galaxy S5 and moved the SIM-card from the old to the new device. Meaning that there is obviously not a problem with the old Android-version (2.3) or anything else with the telephone itself.

Hope somebody can help.
Lutz W.

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Dec 6, 2015, 12:41:32 PM via Website

I think your privacy settings are changed.
To change these settings, simply go to WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Account > Privacy.

You can set the following options separately for last seen, profile photo, and/or status.

Your last seen, profile photo and/or status will be available to all WhatsApp users.

My Contacts
Your last seen, profile photo and/or status will be available to your contacts from your address book only.

Your last seen, profile photo and/or status will not be available to anyone.

If you uncheck Read Receipts, you will not send Read Receipts. You will also not be able to see others' Read Receipts.

After this settings, your friends will be able to see your Profile

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