My phone virtually ceased all its operational capabilities yesterday. It would not charge even 1% etc. etc.

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Nicholas Stickle
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Apr 20, 2015, 3:11:05 AM via Website

So my phone went berzerk yesterday and I was trying everything I knew to correct the problem. I was reasonably sure I had gotten everything that I could from the device in a cloud I was ready to factory reset the lil sucker. This would be the second time in the year that I have owned it. I really didn't want to. I stumbled across a post here on this site and it explained that at&t was supposed to push out an update 10 days or so. At&t never really succeeds when they say they're gonna push updates. So I didnt even know. But the phone is taking the update right now. I suppose its 50-50 whether it will be completely worthless or slightly more ascetically pleasing at the end of the update. At any rate, if it is not restored to the working order that I require it to stay in for many reasons I am just going to root it. I havent done any mods to a phone since 2010 or so when i jailbroke my iphone 3gs. That was a somewhat complicated process. I hear that it is easy to root phones now. So there you have it. I am glad to have discovered your forum. In my spare time I write a blog offering advice and resources based on personal development.