Vampire Smasher, new FREE ADDICTIVE android game! try it

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Mar 18, 2015, 11:22:05 PM via Website

Im miguel from i dont remember games, this is our first android game! i want some support, questions, feedback, opinions, critics etc!

download from google play: just search Vampire Smasher
Vampire Smasher

Are you ready to kill Vampires and save maidens?

Vampire Smasher is a great and addictive android action game, where you have to smash all the vampires!
To kill all the vampires you must smash and crush them against your phone screen, with the assistance of special powers you’ll become in the best vampire slayer ever seen!
Get ready to get bloody fingers!


1) Waves of Vampires: You must to defeat all the vampires, that appear in different waves, each time it become more difficult!
2) Several Vampires: in the game you’ll find different vampires with different powers to prove your skills!
3) Special Powers: in the game you can improve your powers and skills to help you to help you smash all the vampires.
4) Evil Boss: when you face him he will send you to hell!
5) Increasing difficult: each level will become more and more difficult just to test yours skills and agility!
6) Immersive Experience: you must to use all your senses to accomplish every mission!
7) Exciting Music: the music will speed up your hearth, when you smash vampires!

About Our Company : I Don’t Remember Games

We are an indie game dev studio (3 persons) software developer, artist and musician, this is our first game, we choice the name because we are an unknow game studio, then nobody will remember us, but at the same time with our name they will remember us! To know more go to our pages:

IDontRememberGames on facebook!

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Mar 19, 2015, 2:54:20 AM via Website

this forum doesnt let me post links yet, but you can found us on google play
search "Vampire Smasher" its the first one!

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Mar 20, 2015, 4:20:03 PM via Website

miguel flores

this forum doesnt let me post links yet, but you can found us on google play
search "Vampire Smasher" its the first one!

Thanks for the information. The game is only available on Google play store?

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