Android Pit downvotes on many games

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Oct 9, 2014, 5:29:18 PM via Website

Hello, a number of developers I'm in contact with and myself recently found our games listed on this site. We found that all of our games had 14 downvotes and 1 upvote. I contacted Android Pit support to see if there was a single person targeting all of us or some reason for this coincidence, but after waiting for more than a week for a reply I've decided to turn here.
The games no longer have the same 14 down to 1 up count because we've all been helping each other to get more upvotes.
But we found it a very strange coincidence that the 7 games that we had listed all had that same number.

First, it seems that Google Alerts doesn't pick up on this site when you guys crawl the Play store and list our app details. So we don't know you've listed our games. Second, I see this same exact number of downvotes and upvotes on many many games here. It seems too frequent to be coincidental.
So it's hard for us and very damaging for a popular site like this to list one of our games and then it nearly automatically has 14 downvotes. Our games are almost all rated over 4 stars on Google Play and the one above, Sudoku In Space is rated a solid 5 stars.
All I think I can ask for is that other devs look at this site and see if they have similar experiences when their apps are first listed. And it would be great if Android Pit would notify devs when they crawl and list their games so we can know to promote the listing. Many sites do this and send an email to the contact email listed on Google Play.

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Oct 14, 2014, 12:20:00 PM via Website

Hi Sean,

This was caused by an error in our conversion algorithm. It has since been fixed and all of these games now have their proper ratings. Apologies for any problems caused.

Interesting that you mention that many sites send you emails notifying of apps being crawled. Would it be any trouble if you forwarded some to me at

Thank you!


Sean Mann

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Oct 15, 2014, 2:06:58 AM via Website

Thank you!
After we release our next game I'll try to keep you in mind. I did not save the emails because most of the sites that crawled the Google Play Store and posted our apps were very poorly designed.

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