Samsung Galaxy S2 — Possible Virus?!

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Jun 13, 2012, 6:00:28 PM via Website

for the past few months every so often I will get a notification in my notification bar that doesnt belong. its normally a star of some color and the desription in the pull down varies. It only shows up when I update my apps (not a certain app, that changes all the time) or when my battery is low. The description varies from "Get a new ring tone" or "youve just won an ipad" or "increase your battery life". When I click on it, it brings me to some wedsite that says appbott but it changes some times as well, this is what makes me think its a virus (I rarely click on it...but its the only way to get rid of it)
I have a virus scanner but it doesnt pick anything up. is this a virus? Can I reformat my phone to get rid of this?! any help would be appreciated.

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Jun 14, 2012, 1:47:58 AM via Website

It's one (or more) of your apps using push notification advertising. Removing the app that's causing will get rid of it. Some apps have an opt-out of push notifications in the settings of the app though. If you really need the app check it's options/settings to see if you can opt-out of notification ads. To find which app is doing it, there are scanners on the market that will find the app for you. Such as this one: