AndroidPIT Facebook Feud: Do you like HTC ONE or Samsung Galaxy S4?

AndroidPIT Facebook Feud: Do you like HTC ONE or Samsung Galaxy S4?

Do you feel like you haven't seen enough of the S4? And you've been dreaming of it and wanting more and more? Maybe not. But nonetheless, our Chief Editor Andreas took a bunch of pictures during the 20 minutes he had his hands on the new device and I thought it would be a nice gesture to share a few with our awesome AndroidPIT followers. Here we are presenting you with the S4 in a head-to-head image gallery scrap!

samsung galaxy s4 gallery 4
Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One head-to-head photo gallery! / © NextPit

Give me more baby! From the right, from the left, it's a real S4 photoshoot. All of last week, there has been constant debating on Facebook, where our followers have been fighting over which device is better: the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4.

When we posted the picture above, it fired a back and forward feud of people typing comments, which you will read below. I've paired these very passionate remarks with a few more pictures, taken by Andreas, which compare the two high-end devices.

Samsung overkill. The htc one didn't get all these post and I'm sure it's the better phone. ''

-Marlon Milligan


-Christopher Fisher

htc one!!  

- Jay Chew

samsung galaxy s4 gallery 14
 © NextPit

HTC one there's not much difference from the s3 for me

-Gordon Christie

The colors are so clear in the the balloons!

-Eva Webster

samsung galaxy s4 gallery 8
© NextPit

Samsung.... I will NEVER buy another HTC product.

-Steve Lee

Case design HTC , I have an S3 love it but the HTC's look better.

-Lee Hayward

samsung galaxy s4 gallery 12
 © NextPit

only ONE is the best

-Andrei Adrian Salaru

Samsung. HTC is crap, no access to battery and where's the sd card slot?

-Chris Pearce

galaxy s4 gallery 17
 © NextPit

I personally have a Samsung Galaxy S3, which I find top notch! Since the S3 and the S4 look so similar (mine is red and girly), I would stick with the S4 because I like the design (I don't care what other say!). I also like all the new features that the S4 brings to the table like the dual camera and video features, where you can take a picture of yourself and your subject simultaneously. This comes in handy with Skype, which I use a lot now that I live abroad. Sorry guys, but I'm not 100% won over by HTC One yet, Samsung just has a special place in my heart. I really appreciate everyone's comments!

Which team are you on? HTC One forever or Samsung Galaxy S4 for the win!

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  • HTC one. Gs4 looks good but the one has the better build quality and speakers. Couldnt care less about the software - that will change in updates anyway.

  • beats audio ultrapixel camera blickfeed zoeys HTC ONE for sure I really don't care about the Samsung S4

  • only ONE is the winner !

  • Hardware: HTC One
    Software and Features: Definitely the S4
    For people like me, storage is the most important feature, which is ample in the S4, due to SD-slot.......
    Anyways, overall too I feel S4 > One

  • I currently have the Galaxy S which I purchased back in March 2011 and I am looking at upgrading. The Galaxy S is has been a great phone but it does lack processing power and several times a week it can freeze or crash (maybe an App doing that). Also it doesn't have a flash for photographs. So I have been watching very closely the release of these new high end smartphones. I have listened and read all the critics and techs that have reviewed these phones. Because I live in New Zealand, we probably won't see these phones arrive here until the last quarter. However I would greatly appreciate some feedback from Androidpit members in the USA if you purchase any these phones, especially the Samsung S4 and HTC One. Cheers Bryan

  • Lol Samsung S4 wins for me... the extra features are what wins me over :) even though I love both companies and have a HTC Phone and a Samsung Galaxy Player, Samsung just has this appeal, can't explain it but I'm in the Samsung camp :)

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