Deleting a Whatsapp chat

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Mar 5, 2023, 11:02:13 PM via Website


What happens if I delete a whatsapp chat in which the last message that I sent had 1 tick (sent but not yet delivered at the receiver) and I deleted the chat almost immediately after sending the message (in less than 68 minutes)? Will the receiver still get the message? Or will he get the message “message deleted”, or will he get nothing at all? Thank you for the answer!

James Watson
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Mar 6, 2023, 3:55:12 AM via Website

Yes, the receiver will still get that message as you deleted it, not recalled it within 7 minutes.

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Hamshi Hameed
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Mar 6, 2023, 5:58:55 AM via Website

If you delete a WhatsApp chat in which the last message you sent had only one tick (sent but not delivered), and you deleted the chat almost immediately after sending the message (in less than 68 minutes), the message will not be delivered to the receiver. The receiver will not get any notification or message from you. When you delete a chat that has a message with one tick, the message is removed from WhatsApp servers and will not be delivered.

However, if the message had already been delivered to the receiver before you deleted the chat, the receiver would be able to see the message on their device, and they would not receive any notification that you had deleted the chat.

It's important to note that even if you delete a chat or message, it's still possible for the receiver to take a screenshot or copy the message before you delete it. Additionally, if the receiver has already received a notification for the message before you delete it, they may still be able to view the message in their notification history.