How did you monetize your first app?

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Saeed Pooladzadeh
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Nov 17, 2022, 1:14:33 PM via Website


I wanted to make my first app for Android which is a game.
I have some questions that you can answer if you can.
How did you monetize the first app you made for mobile phones?
If your app's income was only through advertisements, would you be satisfied with its income?
Are you not disappointed with the continuation of the activity?



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Mar 16, 2023, 8:42:33 PM via Website

There are several ways to monetize mobile applications, including:

In-app purchases: Users can purchase additional features or content within the app.
Subscription model: Users can pay a recurring fee to access premium content or features.
Advertising: The app can display ads, and the developer earns revenue based on ad impressions or clicks.

If your app's income is solely from advertisements, it's possible to earn a significant amount of revenue, but it depends on factors such as the number of users and how often they use the app. The amount of income can vary widely, from very little to a significant amount.

It's important to note that it can take time and effort to build a successful app and generate income. It's essential to continue to support and update the app to keep users engaged and attract new users.

In terms of whether or not to be satisfied with the income generated from ads, it depends on your goals and expectations. If your primary goal is to create a fun and engaging game, then any income generated may be a bonus. If your goal is to create a sustainable business, then you may need to explore other monetization methods or consider expanding your app portfolio.

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Jinna Guils
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May 17, 2023, 3:04:06 PM via Website

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Sam Zak
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Jun 14, 2023, 4:50:40 PM via Website

You need to upload it to a mobile app store like Google Play.

Mansi Rana
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Feb 9, 2024, 7:29:43 AM via Website

Here are some methods to monetize your app:

Paid Downloads: Charging users a one-time fee to download the app from the app store. This model works well for apps with unique features or high demand.

In-App Purchases (IAP): Offering additional features, content, or virtual goods for purchase within the app. This model is popular for games, productivity tools, and content-based apps.

Subscriptions: Providing access to premium content or features through subscription plans. This model is suitable for apps offering ongoing services like streaming media, fitness tracking, or productivity tools.

Ads: Integrating advertising networks like Google AdMob or Facebook Audience Network to display ads within the app. Developers earn revenue based on impressions, clicks, or actions taken by users.

Freemium Model: Offering a basic version of the app for free with limited features, and providing a premium version or additional features through in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Sponsorship or Partnerships: Collaborating with brands or businesses to promote their products or services within the app in exchange for sponsorship or partnership agreements.

Affiliate Marketing: Partnering with affiliate programs to earn commissions by promoting third-party products or services through the app. This could involve integrating affiliate links or referral codes.

Data Monetization: Collecting and anonymizing user data within the app and selling insights or analytics to third-party companies or advertisers. However, this approach requires careful consideration of user privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.

White Labeling or Licensing: Offering the app as a white-label solution or licensing the technology to other businesses or developers for a fee. This can generate revenue through upfront payments or royalties.

Crowdfunding: Launching a crowdfunding campaign on platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to raise funds for app development. Backers may receive exclusive access or rewards in exchange for their support.