Sending "Clickable" links to unsaved/new number

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Sep 9, 2022, 6:37:02 AM via Website


I am trying to figure the workaround on how to send this message ( as in Screenshot1 ).

Screenshot 1 is a spam message sent by some random number to me. I am surprised how the person is able to send the message and yet whatsapp allows me to click on that button "Join Group".

After clicking that link/button, screenshot 2 pops up(See attachments). This experience is quite similar to how we open a link from Whatsapp Status.

Any of you are aware how to do this? I did ask that spammer (LOL), but no response from that number. I doubt they understand english.

I know that only way a link is visible or clickable is "if I reply to original message of that number" or "if I save that mobile number in my contact list"

But, my question is if i dont do either of it, how can i still send a message with an URL which is clickable.

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