[Free][Game] LA Pandemic FPS Crypto Rewards

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Sep 6, 2022, 11:48:37 AM via Website

The world is in Danger!!! Los Angles L.A towns are about to be evacuated, because the town is being attacked by invaders.

Download: Survival Games (play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.GlobalEnterprises.pandemicfpssurvivor)

This is the story of survival and escape, this is a journey that you can only experience by becoming a part of it. User will play as different character with separate story-lines and cities, as head of the family you will to have to protect your family from invasion army and survive through multiple scenarios and escape the town. This is not only a survival game, it an experience, an experience where you would live the life of our feature characters. The most interactive, intriguing and realistic experience of First Person Shooting game.

Escape Survival Game

Join the community of skillful FPS Shooters from all around the world and experience most captivating multiplayer survival game. This is a fantasy world of war where anything may happen but you are the savior of your family, you are the hope, you are commando shooter who will unleash the shooting spree that the invaders will suffer through, so make it count Soldier and survive the pandemic. You would have to buy your weaponry with in game crypto currency so managing currency would be another challenge that you might face because in the hour of chaos only Legends survive, cement your legacy with your heroic commando shooting skills.

Key Features of this Shooting Game:

• Realistic Sound Effects SFX and Visual Effects VFX.
• Amazing Game play with multiple options.
• Runs smoothly on all devices.
• Mystery of escape like a puzzle.
• Classical Los Angles L.A City environment.
• Open world city where you can go anywhere.

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