swapping whatsapp to a different phone. Something went wrong

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Jul 10, 2022, 2:48:32 PM via Website

I wanted to swap my whatsapp on phone A to Phone B, and when I went to do this it gave me the option of changing the phone no for whatsapp. (Both phones have different numbers but I don't have the sim for phone A anymore. I put in the number for Phone B as the number to swap to and it sent a text alert with a verification no but never actually changed the whatsapp data on Phone B with the whats app data from phone A.

I tried copying across the local data from Phone A but it had been overwritten with the data from Phone B, Looking at Google Drive from Phone B, I can see the backup data is there for both Phone A and B, but obviously cant restore Phone A data because its a different no.

I then tried using an app called ultdata, as it says you can extract googledrive data, but when I tried to log in it sent a security alert to Phone B asking me to select one of 3 numbers, but as it is a windows app (presumably emulating an android app) I had no way of knowing which of the three numbers I needed to press (I did guess - wrongly)

Anyone any suggestions how I can extract the phone A data from Google Drive so I can overwrite Phone B with it please.

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