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Mar 23, 2022, 8:45:20 AM via Website

Hey we are a brand called Globeia. We receive lots of leads through our marketing campaigns and customers contact us directly through WhatsApp. Now currently the WhatsApp API is not working correctly and we are losing lots of potential customers because of this issue. We are getting very potential leads from the following keywords: rcmp accredited fingerprint company in Canada and fingerprint near me and we need honest suggestions to fix our problem.

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Aug 13, 2023, 10:44:21 AM via Website

Hello Globeia team,

It's great to hear that your marketing campaigns are generating potential leads for your brand. Dealing with technical issues like WhatsApp API not working correctly can indeed be frustrating, especially when it's affecting your ability to connect with potential customers. Here are some honest suggestions to help you address this issue and continue capturing those valuable leads:

Contact WhatsApp Support: If you haven't already, reach out to WhatsApp's official support channels to report the issue. They might be able to provide insights into the problem and offer guidance on resolving it.

Check API Integration: Ensure that your API integration is set up correctly. Double-check API keys, permissions, and configurations to make sure everything is in place.

Test in Different Scenarios: Test the WhatsApp API across different scenarios and devices to identify if the issue is consistent or if it varies based on certain conditions.

Review Error Messages: If there are any error messages or logs related to the API issue, carefully review them. They might provide clues about the root cause.

API Updates: Stay updated with any changes or updates to the WhatsApp API. Sometimes, issues can arise due to changes in the API's behavior, and staying current can help you address such issues quickly.

Alternative Communication Channels: While you work on resolving the WhatsApp API issue, consider providing alternative communication channels for your potential leads. This could include a dedicated email address, a contact form on your website, or even a temporary backup messaging platform.

Temporarily Pause Ads: If the API issue is causing significant disruptions to your lead generation, you might consider temporarily pausing your marketing campaigns until the issue is resolved. This can prevent potential leads from having a negative experience.

Customer Communication: Communicate with your potential leads about the issue. Let them know that you're actively working to address the technical problem and that you value their interest in your services.

Keyword Optimization: Since you mentioned specific keywords generating potential leads, ensure that your website and other online platforms are optimized for those keywords. This way, even if customers can't directly reach out via WhatsApp, they can find you through other means.

Monitor Competition: Keep an eye on how your competitors are handling similar issues. This might provide insights into temporary solutions or workarounds while you fix the API problem.

Backup Plan: Consider creating a contingency plan for situations like this in the future. Having backup communication methods and strategies in place can help you navigate similar challenges more effectively.

Remember, technical issues can be resolved, and the key is to stay proactive, keep your potential leads informed, and work towards a solution as quickly as possible. Best of luck in resolving the WhatsApp API issue and continuing to capture those valuable leads for your brand, Globeia!