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Jul 16, 2021, 7:40:18 PM via Website

IMPORTANT: after installing, you will be asked to allow "display over other apps". This is necessary for the countdown to keep working when you leave the app, allowing you to use your device for something else while it runs.

TimerFast is a countdown timer that makes it easy to create and modify presets, through a quick and no-frills list screen, so that you can quickly locate your desired time and focus on the task at hand.

Many timers make you scroll through screens of bloat, or the information you need is scattered among lots of options and trinkets. TimerFast places all your presets in a list of contiguous rows, in alphabetical order, so access is always easy and just one click away.

It allows beeper or vibration for the time up signal, and it continues working in the background if you leave the app, so that you can keep using your device for something else during the countdown.

Main features of the app:

  • Unlimited, easy to access presets. Can be edited after creation

  • Quick saving and retrieval. Long touch on a preset deletes it

  • The countdown keeps running after you leave the app, moving to a notification on top (note: the first time you open the app you'll be asked to allow "display over other apps", necessary for this feature)

  • Time up signal selectable between beeper -with regulable volume-, and/or vibration. You can also select none and use only the visual indicator.

  • Big, clear controls for easy visualization

  • Count goes from 1 second to 100 hours, suitable for all kind of uses

  • Allows rotation

  • When stopped, the remaining time number stays and the count can be resumed

  • Option to start the count directly after selecting a preset, for even faster flow

Useful for cooking, gym exercises, creating habits, or any other recursive task you fancy to use it for. It can also be used as a regular countdown timer for punctual, one time counts, no need to give the count a name or save it as preset.

The ease to change the presets allows you to easily experiment with the time you take to do things, for example cooking times, and you can also use the unlimited presets to store the countdown times of things that you only do once in a while, so that you don't have to remember each time how much time you used to allocate for this or that task or recipe...

Control your time now with a simple click at the tip of your fingers...

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