FLX - Visual IDE App for Android

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Feb 12, 2021, 11:25:49 PM via Website

FLX is an Android app which makes it possible to quickly develop applications or scripts on your phones using a powerful visual programming language that is similar to Kotlin. You can develop applications that can:

  • Have a UI screen defined using FLX’s visual programming language.
  • Make HTTP requests to web APIs
  • Trigger IFTTT services via IFTTT Web Hooks
  • Read and write files
  • Create, manipulate, and consume JSON data
  • Utilize Android platform and device APIs
  • Use Android sensors
  • Use image, icon, and audio resources
  • Define arbitrary logic using extensive set of built-in functions including functions for string manipulation, arithmetic computations, control flows, collection manipulation, etc. [Control Flows]
  • Use Java classes and methods via Java's Reflection API
    Define new reusable functions which extent the FLX language either by using:
    1. Visual FLX language

    2. FLX Lisp expressions

    3. Java code via Reflection API [Reflection API], or

    4. BeanShell scripts [BeanShell Integration]

Developed applications can be:
- Launched from shortcut links added to Android homescreen
- Exported and imported
- Shared e.g. via email

For more info, visit: floxp dot app

Couple screenshots of the visual FLX language editor:


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