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Oct 21, 2020, 9:14:51 AM via Website

Shoppersbill : Easy Invoice Maker & Bill Generator is an integrated payment and billing mobile application that allows users generate invoices, keep records as well make payments for goods & services. Shoppersbill : Easy Invoice Maker & Bill Generator provides an effective solution for small and medium enterprises, business owners, and
freelancers, allowing them issue and receive invoices, and accept card payments easily,
using their mobile phone.
Our goal is simple; to digitalize and store invoices, receipts, and eradicate the use of paper
documentation. We envision a world where people leave stores without paper receipt and
can retrieve these documents easily if need be using invoice maker.


Our Unique Value Proposition- Why Us?
• Shoppersbill : Easy Invoice Maker & Bill Generator has an inbuilt QR code generator that allows a buyer scan the same code and have their invoice/receipt automatically sent to their email and saved on the ShoppersBill platform
• The Product management feature of the Shoppersbill : Easy Invoice Maker & Bill Generator is automated and allows merchants deliver
invoices and receipts 10x faster than a paper receipt.
• Merchants and customers have a lifetime access to their receipts, invoices and records
on the platform, and can easily retrieve them from any location in the world
• Sellers and buyers can search for receipts easily using names, phone numbers, and
emails as keywords.
• Customers can pay for goods and services using the integrated payment system on the

• Users can pay personal bills/subscriptions such as utility, recharge cards, and cable TV.
• Users can send and withdraw money from their wallet easily using this invoice maker and bill generator
• There is a unified Database where all the invoices are kept.

Download app today via Playstore:

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