Remote control for smartphone? E.g. for video / photo. Gladly with status display (recording etc.).

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Tobias Claren
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Jul 30, 2020, 5:40:56 PM via Website


Is there hardware with which you can control a smartphone?
So e.g. Functions like activating and deactivating video, taking photos etc.
And if possible with a status display. So e.g. whether video is being recorded.
Also as a bracelet, or for on the belt / waistband, etc. I'm interested in hardware, but also tips for Android apps that can do that despite the small display without Gear OS. Possibly. I would have to make my own thread in the software area.
Proper hardware would be interesting. Also ruggedized or waterproof ..

If you can also deactivate the smartphone's display during use (because it may not be used anyway), you could save electricity.
It does not have to be a real deactivation either, with AMOLED it is off even with a black display.

You could compare it to a body (dash) cam. A suitable software (with GPS tagging etc.) would then be a different topic.

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