HTC Desire HD — 4GB RAM/64GB Storage U11+/Plus worth $260 in 2020?

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Jun 8, 2020, 8:11:04 AM via Website

Hey guys, I'm new to the HTC sub but have always been a big HTC fan going way back to the original Windows Mobile days before Android and have for the most part had a soft spot for HTC hardware.

I came across a U11+ going for around $260 new and I know it has yet to officially receive Android 10, from what I remember HTC did say it will get it but no firm timetable for when that will happen which I am fine with but I know the hardware is still very good even in 2020, just wanted to get some opinions if it's worth that money against what else is out there.

Disclaimer: I know there are Xiaomi and other Chinese devices either less or around that price with similar hardware, not interested in Xiaomi or Motorola or Huawei or the Pixel 3a. The only other device I am waiting to become official before pulling the trigger on any new phone purchase is the 4a, if the $349 price is real and 128GB Storage standard, that's the only other device I'm considering but the battery won't be anywhere near as large as the U11+.