WhatsApp Call Issue - 2 Rings, then one Beep.

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May 11, 2020, 2:21:25 AM via Website

Hi there,

Im trying to work out how my Cousin does not get my call on evenings via WhatsApp Call. Im not blocked obviously as im her Cousin.

This is the Symptoms:

I use Android, and she has an iPhone, through the day i can call then evening we sometimes have a chat over WhatsApp call, though mainly she will call me. Though like tonight and other nights, and sometimes though the day, well, it rings twice, then i get a single beep and its cut-off beep, (just one beep). Its like an auto-reject or something.

I have tried replicating the problem asking my other friend to turn many features on/off like Airplane mode, notifications off (still shows the call coming through on the iPhone), tried all sorts, is there an auto-reject feature? I even got my friend to block me, then i tried to ring him, rang on my side though nothing showed on his phone, understandable. Ive tried various ways. Can it be a third party app that can do this on the iPhone which can take control of WhatsApp Calls? Even tried the iPhone on silent with the switch, calls still come through on his phone but you dont hear it ring, just shows the caller, calling.

Its baffled me this. Ive tried calling again to my cousin and still the same thing, two rings, and one beep, then disconnect. Can you block incoming calls from everyone and allow outgoing?

Her broadband connection is ok, and she also has 4G connections.

Any help on this matter would be most appreciated as she thinks at times im ignoring her and its down to this two ring and one beep thing.

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