[APP][FREE] Space Shooter Alien vs Galaxy:Free Boss Fight Game

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May 8, 2020, 10:47:55 PM via Website

Welcome to the most addictive and exciting space shooter game you’ve ever played on your Android device. Space Shooter Alien vs Galaxy is a free air combat game for Android in which you get to control a plane and your objective is to take down the aliens and win the fights against the bosses across different levels and missions.

So, if you are into such free boss fight games and looking for an addictive space shooter games, download Space Shooter Alien vs Galaxy for free on your Android device and have fun controlling the plane, dodging through the sky, taking down the enemies and win boss fights.

You, an explorer, were captured by alien during an expedition and caught on the Martian base.
One day, you secretly boarded a plane while the alien was unprepared, but you were discovered by the aliens.
Aliens created illusions, preventing you to escape ...

By default, It has no bullets on your plane.

new play style: no bullets
nested enemies attack

Download Link:

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