access data without knowing the passcode---urgent help needed, Please

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May 5, 2020, 5:22:20 AM via Website

I desperately need to access a friends Samsung Galaxy A Tablet. She passed away yesterday and no-one knows her passcode. Thankfully she didn't passcode her phone so I've at least been able to contact people but all her pictures are on her tablet. I tried to use an expensive software app on my computer but once downloaded it could only bypass the passcode by deleting all data, could have done that myself!

If anyone has any ideas, please we're desperate to save her memories for her sister who is in the hospital herself now after a suicide attempt this morning.
Oh and she didnt save anything on her SD card, I checked.....:( that would have been too easy.

Hoping someone knows a trick or 2.

I just cannot work out her passcode and there are too many numbers to try. Date of kids births/ deaths, wedding day, date her husband died etc......

Thanks in advance.


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May 5, 2020, 9:46:46 AM via Website

unfortunately after paying for one of the apps suggested it still said that the data would be wiped!
Using her google account had similar issues, no idea what her damn passwords are. I'm hoping she was daft enough to write them down somewhere when I brave the house tomorrow.

Thank you