Is there any particular app to stop and block cookies?

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Apr 1, 2020, 3:32:11 PM via Website

Do you guys clear cookies and cache after visiting any particular website or browser?

Our browsing data mainly its history, most of the websites that we visit asks us to accept the cookies and those cookies keep on tracking our journeys while on the internet.

So for all those who don’t know about the targeted ads and about the growing Internet Scams and frauds, it is recommended to keep on clearing your browsing data and cookies for safe surfing and avoid any hacking attempts.

I have seen that people don’t take this seriously and access websites from untrusted sources on their devices and end up losing their data.

I just people to stay aware and keep on taking safety precautions on the internet.

Some of those Internet Safety tips include: Visit websites on incognito modes, keep on removing your browsing data and Cookies e.g from firefox and chrome, not to use public wifi and never buy anything from fake/malicious websites (because many people are selling the necessary things on different pages and groups)

I think it is necessary for everyone’s understanding about this growing internet threat and to get secured.
If anybody know any particular apps to clear cookies and avoid hackers attempt on your devices please share.

Example to how to delete browsing Data:

What are Cookies?

Things to do to avoid fraud and scams

Thanks and stay safe people.

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