Best Android Apps (March 2020)

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Apr 1, 2020, 8:52:31 AM via Website

Smart phones have changed everything in our lives and around us. There is almost nothing which an Android phone cannot achieve. Right from getting connected to people to watching news or booking a taxi or ordering groceries, you can do it all on your Android phone.

Though an android phone allows you to do multiple tasks, these features are not preloaded. You need to install specific apps which can help you do your tasks. So which apps should you download? Google Playstore has millions of free android apps to choose from, and it’s not an easy task to decide on which app to install and which to give a skip.
Therefore we have decided to make things easy for you, and have come out with our own list of Best Android Apps of March 2020. A number of free android apps on the Google Play store are malicious and unsecured, hence it is important you know which apps are actually useful and functional.

Therefore we have compiled a list of the freshly-released best android apps.


Do you want to improve your user experience? One Shade is the best android app which can help in customization of the phone icons and the notification panel.
The interface of your phone will look completely new. One Shade can help in changing the way you want to use the drop-down menu.
Right from customizing its theme to changing the shape and size of the icons, you can do it all.
The app is available both in a free and paid version. The free version offers limited features, whereas the premium version also facilitates adding music, complete color customization, adding custom background picture, customization of the notification card etc. It is worth downloading.


The biggest limitation faced by most mobile uploads is that of selective syncing. Autosync is the one of the best android apps which can help in addressing this problem. If you are using services of OneDrive and Dropbox, it is very difficult to sync selective folders and files. You can either sync all of them or none. Autosync can help in overcoming this limitation.
You can easily sync your documents from specific folders on your phone to a cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive etc. The best feature is that you can auto-sync a cloud folder also to their mobile device using AUTOSYNC. This android app is very easy to use.


Measure is a wonderful free android app which helps in measuring the height, width, breadth, size etc. of any object. If you want to measure the width of a table or height of a cupboard, this virtual app Measure can help you do it. A measuring tape is imposed virtually in the app, and it can be used to measure any object. You can easily switch between imperial and metric systems depending on your country and choice of measuring scale. Turn on the camera app on your smart phone and use the viewfinder to view the object you want to measure. The measurements will be displayed on the screen and you can save a screenshot of the same for future reference.

  • NordVPN

NordVPN is the best android app for VPN on android. You can now enjoy smooth internet connection with NordVPN. It is a secure VPN which helps in connecting to the internet through an Android-enabled smart phone, tablet or TV.
You can enjoy the internet without getting bogged down by the restrictions imposed by your ISP or the government.
[NordVPN][2] has more than 60 servers across the globe which can be used for virtually accessing the internet in few seconds. The app is secure and you will remain protected against any type of cyber threats.
This android app is very useful if you are is looking to access content which is blocked by your country or ISP.


Social media is the mantra of today. If you love creating stories or videos for Instagram and Facebook, Vimeo Create app is the best android app which can help you create amazing videos and stories for social media.
It is a video editing platform which can help in creating short clips and videos. You can choose from a variety of templates which can be customized as per your requirements. You can upload your original creations and edit them on Vimeo Create.
[Vimeo][3] Create has a library full of music and animations options, which can be used for creating interesting video clips. Once you have created a video, it can be saved in your phone gallery or device, which can be later, uploaded on your social media accounts. You can use the free version of Vimeo Create for regular video creations and editing, however if you want to add your company logo or change the fonts etc you can use the premium paid version.


Are you facing trouble of having spotty Internet connections? WiFi AR can help in determining the approximate speed via AR on the phones and devices which compatible with Google ARCore. Once you have downloaded this amazing android app, you need to just point the camera on the places for which you want to find out the internet connectivity speed.
Once the camera is pointed, the speed at those places will be revealed to you on your screen. You will need to walk around the place, so WIFI AR is able to create a map of the area.
[WIFI AR][4] is one of the best android apps in recent times as apps like it are very useful if you want to install or plug in a Wi-Fi repeater or extender. You can determine the low speed areas with the app and then install the extender in that area.
The special thing about this app is that it not only helps determine the speed of broadband or WIFI connections, they also help to determine the strength of mobile signals as well. If you are facing a lot of issues with call dropping or call disruptions at some specific places in your house or office, you can use this wonderful app to show the mobile company how their connection is not reaching in all the areas of the office or house.

Final Words:
Every month Google Play store introduces several new android apps. Some are really innovative and useful and some are just for fun. Above mentioned are some of the best android apps which you could find on Google Play Store this March.

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