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Mar 10, 2020, 7:11:22 AM via Website

Hub vpn

Hub vpn is the number one most highly acclaimed virtual private network application in the market, and reason behind this is not a secret. With huge amount of great deals, servers and best quality service, hub vpn blows the competition clear out of the water. So, what’s so great about hub vpn? Well, to kick things off, hub vpn paid offers members more than 2,000 servers spread out over 148 locations. This means no matter where in the world you are, you are likely to have several servers at your disposal for smooth and fast streaming. Which brings us to our next hub vpn paid benefit. This company has ridiculously fast speeds. This comes from all of those servers we mentioned. Plus, hub vpn lets you see which servers have the fastest download speeds. You can also forget about privacy issues with hub vpn since it has a strict no logs policy across the board. No timestamps, no destinations, no browsing history. It’s all private, all the time. Some of this sounds a bit intimidating, especially if this is the first VPN that you'll ever use. Worry not, though. The software is extremely easy to understand, and couple that with Hub vpn stellar customer service and you'll quickly realize there is nothing to worry about. The support agents actually understand the platform and are able to answer questions with actual information, which is surprising to see these days.