What is the safest vpn?

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Feb 14, 2020, 10:41:38 AM via Website

Previous years saw a rampant growth of cyber-crime and 2019 is, unfortunately, going in the same direction. Between 6 million Valentine “zombie bots,” countless criminal cryptocurrency botnets, and the recent arrest of a cyber gang that stole over 1.2 billion dollars from financial institutions, securing your Internet traffic and staying anonymous online has never been more important. The projected cost of cyber-crime will be 6 trillion dollars by 2021, a whopping number considering that only 51% of the world’s population currently has Internet access. This number should hit 90% by 2030, which will result in even more security breaches. To protect yourself from the dangers of cyber-attacks, keep reading our list of the safest VPNs on the market and maximize your online security in 2020.

Cyberghost VPN
Lite VPN
VPN Master
Hola VPN
melon VPN
Fish VPN
Egle VPN

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