Ways to promote and boost android app

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Dec 24, 2019, 7:15:52 AM via Website

Hello Developers!

You may have experienced a hard time with finding better ways to promote your amazing app and collect thousands of daily downloads. as a developer i also have been in the same situation until i get explored some points.

When it comes to Google Play Store, Nobody will get your app unless you promote it. because too competitive and thousands of apps similar. You will have to work to create the best possible marketing assets, then test and optimize them to ensure that to get the most downloads for your game. As single person or small development team it could be very hard to complete. you may don't have enough budget for a huge marketing events.

In starting, recommend to publish your game/app as FREE on your target store. marketing the Android app is as important as building one. in that case reviews & ratings are most important to fight with thousands of other similar apps. as my experience specific to android market, which means little bit of a push of reviews & ratings ( downloads already include) will boost up your app showing to more users on play store. then you don't have to keep promoting, basically onetime marketing promotion with very little amount of budget
will leads you for thousands of users forever. further more as much as you generate revenue from the particular app, able manage future promotions and marketing events, start little and go big.
There are many great companies you can find for startup boost for your app marketing
do a little research on that. Also do not forget, user retention is important for newly released apps to keep ranking up. hence Your app/game must be professional and clean for a better result or the dream result. hope you make the next big hit on play store. again. start a little and go big.

All the best!

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Dec 31, 2019, 3:04:18 AM via Website

and maybe fresh content and not copies of copies of copies