Autonomous - simplified device automation - an alternative for Tasker and MacroDroid

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Nov 10, 2019, 5:53:44 PM via Website

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Autonomous allow you to create Rules to perform automatic tasks with your Android device.

Currently supported events are:
- Connectivity: WiFi status and network, Bluetooth status and device, GSM signal level
- Communication: Phone calls and SMS
- Application events (application started, user typing text)
- Notifications (source and content)
- Time of day
- Motion (speed, walking, shaking)
- Device position
- Geolocation

Currently supported actions are:
- Communication (send SMS, call handling)
- Connectivity (change BT state, connect to BT or WiFi device)
- UI Notifications (toast, text to speech, confirmation dialog with voice interaction)
- Audio (volume control, mute, activate speakers, media playback control)
- Device related (flash-light, screen lock, screen orientation)
- Applications (add app shortcut to notification list, start application, launcher)
- Timer (delay)

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Jan 11, 2021, 12:45:41 AM via Website

Thank you so much for the information ! Does anyone know if there are similar services that can help me in LA or New York ?

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Jan 11, 2021, 1:17:41 AM via Website

Yes, of course there are, and they are not as few as you think :) I turned to one of these, and I liked it. I made myself an automation system sometime in September , I wanted to make it before the summer, but because of the pandemic, it was super difficult. I turned to my friends and they recommended me to first take everything for installation camera sensors and controllers , as well as wiring and everything else, all together it turned out not very expensive. The work itself was performed by the same friends and took very little money from me, my advice to you is to try to look for some friends who are somehow connected with this area, since random people can take a lot of money from you, unjustifiably much! Be careful and good luck with this renovation and improvement of the house

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Jan 18, 2021, 4:35:47 PM via Website

I forgot to write a post on top

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