How to retain WhatsAppweb chat history when locked out of handset without a backup

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Oct 18, 2019, 1:14:53 PM via Website


I'm locked out of my handset and have found out that my phone hasn't done a WhatsApp backup since April 2019. It also doesn't have an SD card so there is no internal WhatsApp backup. I am having to do a factory reset in order to get back into the handset. This means I will have to reinstall WhatsApp on my handset and will lose all the WhatsApp chats etc on my phone. I am still logged into WhatsApp web.

My question is - will I retain the chat history that I can currently see on WhatsApp web after I've reinstalled WhatsApp on my handset? Or will this be wiped on WhatsApp web as well as on my handset?

And - if I put a MicroSD card into the handset, will WhatsApp automaticlly make a backup to it? I'm still getting notifications of WhatsApp messages coming through on my handset; I just can't read them because the handset is locked.

Any help much appreciated!

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