HTC One (E8) — some of errors my phone

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Oct 16, 2019, 9:58:43 AM via Website

Hello guys
i have a HTC One e8 for 4 years
and after this time since my phones drop of my hand have had some of errors
for example
1-when i visit a site on google chrome i like a picture i cant save images cause when i long toch for show save list didn't show that menu

2- i installed instagram on my phone and now i cant post pictures on notes on my story
second error on instagram its not show my contact on find people

my android version is 4.4.2
its not updated cause my phone it has not have available update

please help me
i cant buy new phone

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Oct 16, 2019, 11:44:36 AM via Website

I don't think these issue resulted from some hardware failure or the drop from your hand. They are more like something about software. (smug)
So, manage to update your system software as well as your apps involved. Good luck to you.

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