LG pheonix 4 LMX210APM

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Sep 29, 2019, 2:33:10 AM via Website

Ok so I have my best friends (whom might I add passed away and his mother gave me his phone)Pheonix 4 fairly new but it been factory reset and no one knows the email that set it up... But not only that it takes you to a screen for a pin verification and guess what no knows this pin either. ... So I see that the frp can be bypassed but not without this pin. I know that there are a lot of tools to help you remove such obsticules but only if you have a computer in which I do not and I'm a hundred miles from anywhere each direction. But I do have access to the exact same kind of phone with one of my co-workers... So my question is Can I download something straight to the phone I have access to that's just like the one I need to get into that will give me access to the phone I'm trying get into via otg cable.......or is there a program I can have loaded on an sd card and mailed to me and get access through an otg cable if so I'll have that mailed as well ........ive been weeks of watching videos and trying everything imaginable and I'm about to just throw this thing away.... The#1 reason I don't is because my daughter asked if she could have it once I got it working and we'll you us dad's wanna be our kids hero's all the time....

marco sarli
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Sep 29, 2019, 6:42:39 AM via Website

Do the factory reset again.Something went wrong with the previous one. Factory reset wipes all data and restores the phone to the factory conditions. When you restart it there should be no pin request.Unless there is factory reset protection turned on (not likely) . If FRP is on you will need the username and password of the Google account used to set it up. It would be less difficult if you had access to a computer.

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