HTC Desire Eye — Detailed introduction: What constitutes the hardware of the smartphone?

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Jul 8, 2019, 3:42:38 AM via Website

Detailed introduction: What constitutes the hardware of the smartphone?

Today's smartphones are no longer comparable to the original ones. Today's mobile phones can meet the needs of our daily lives, and to a certain extent, their usability exceeds that of computers, because mobile phones are easy to carry, and they are suitable for crowds and simple operation. And the computer operation is complicated. Although we use mobile phones every day, do you really understand the internal hardware components of your phone?

Today, Eddy introduces you to the various hardware components required for a most common smartphone.


Quite the brain of the mobile phone, the core computing power. The powerful CPU can bring higher computing power to the mobile phone, and it will also increase the speed experience of playing games and watching movies on the mobile phone. The main parameters of the CPU are 2, the core number and the main frequency. Of course, these parameters are not the bigger, the better. It can be used, because multi-core high frequency also means more power consumption.


The memory of a computer is also called the running memory. The larger the RAM, the faster the mobile phone runs, the smoother the multi-tasking mechanism, and the opening of multiple applications without card machines. Now the 2G storage of mainstream mobile phones is enough for most applications, and 1G is still acceptable.


Generally equivalent to a computer hard disk, used to install the Android system and store photos, videos and other documents. The larger the ROM, the more things can be stored, it is as if the computer hard disk is larger, the more movies are stored.


The image processing unit is equivalent to the computer's graphics card. The higher the GPU, the better the game performance will be for HD movies and shooting capabilities.


The screen is nothing to explain too much, there are many kinds of screen materials on the phone, you can ask the mother. For everyone, the most important parameter of the screen may be the resolution. Now most mobile phone screen resolutions can be 720p (1280X720), most of the flagship machines have achieved 1080p (1920X1080), the display is very delicate.


The camera is more important with two parameters, the number of pixels and the aperture size. Now the mainstream mobile phone rear camera has 800w, 1300w pixels, the larger the aperture, the better the shooting effect.


The most important parameter of the battery is the capacity. Large-capacity batteries can have better endurance, and they can last longer when playing games and watching movies.


The sensors inside the mobile phone, such as distance sensors, acceleration sensors, gravity sensors, gyroscopes, barometers, etc., are the ear and nose of the mobile phone, and can collect various parameters of the surrounding environment to the CPU, so that the mobile phone has a truly intelligent function.

Radio frequency chip

There are a lot of radio frequency related chips in the mobile phone, including: RF transmitter chip, GPS navigation antenna chip, WIFI wireless network chip, NFC near field transmission chip, Bluetooth chip, etc. The number and performance of these chips determine the means of mobile communication. How much and the strength of communication.

The above is an introduction to the various internal hardware components of smartphones. When you know that a smartphone needs these parts, do you want to assemble a mobile phone yourself? NO, obviously not possible, because a smartphone needs more small parts. You can try it out, all kinds of IC chips, electronic chips can be purchased from global electronic component suppliers such as Amazon, digikey, kynix,