Drastic changes after the latest (11.06.2019) update

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Jun 14, 2019, 2:26:17 PM via Website

Hi, new person here,
what prompted me to come onto the forum was the following:
1. I was prompted to update the OS on my Samsung Mobile.
2. Since then the following unwelcome changes have been made to my phone:
2a. Icons on the opening screen changed and the titles removed; camera, phone, gallery, and contacts.
2b. Snapshots of my contacts have disappeared.
2c. (May be me, but...) it seems the fontsize has changed.
3. Lastly, but of most concern, the battery life has been drastically reduced. I have no apps running on the machine, but consistently I am now having to charge the battery at least once a day instead of every couple of days.

Has anybody else experienced the same kind of thing?


Breaking News!! Just discovered that I can't now access my contact details. Tapping the contact merely checks the contact with a request : Share or Delete.

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