Motorola Moto G — Motorolas are junk

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Jun 8, 2019, 7:24:30 AM via Website

4 years with this phone, and then suddenly one night ALL my text messages vanish.
No warning, no backup. Called Motorola support, they washed their hands "oh we can't do anything about your text messages, call your cell phone provider".
Called my cell phone provider, "Oh, we can't do anything, you'll have to call Motorola".

Lazy, good for nothing, useless tech support on both sides.
I've spent two whole days trying to recover all my messages- important ones having to do with my business, records, correspondence, here yesterday gone today without the slightest warning.
Lesson learned: Don't depend on Motorola for your data. They are as reliable as writing your information down on toilet paper.
In fact I would have been far better off if I HAD been corresponding back and forth with everyone using TP. At least then I'd still have the paper!

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Jun 8, 2019, 8:49:18 AM via Website

Well, that's another entire day wasted trying to recover my lost messages, loading one recovery program after another. None of them work.
Personally, at this point I'd like to take my Motorola out back and hit it with a sledgehammer from the garage, and then sweep the crumbs into the garbage. In fact that may still be an option I buy a new phone. Never again will I buy this junk....

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Jun 8, 2019, 9:43:46 AM via Website

They just randomly delete your messages out of the blue- then you have to pay some company for their software to recover them. There's lots of programs out there but they just show you the messages, and you gotta get out your credit card to actually restore them.
Probably have a deal with some of the vendors. What a scam.

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Jun 11, 2019, 10:53:25 AM via Website

Yes, backup of every data in our mobile devices must be taken. What if it gets lost?
Fact is backup is mandatory.