Galaxy Tab s5e General Wifi Reception Issue

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Jun 5, 2019, 2:14:13 AM via Website

Does anyone here have issues with wifi reception in general. At home I don't have a problem at all because I live in a one level house. But I have a HUGE issue at work. My s5e won't even see the wifi there unless I'm at the steps which is about 15-20 feet from where the wifi router is in the office. Granted I am down stairs. But my Galaxy tab A sees both networks, and connects to it.

I work in a daycare attached to a church. I should see the church wifi, and the daycare's wifi. It's not picking anything up at all. I have called Samsung tech support. They had me reset the networking settings. That did not work. So I had them send me a list of all the steps to trouble shoot the issue. I can't call them to trouble shoot at work as the cell reception cuts out when I go down stairs. I have other co-workers that have tablets (one being a cheap $75 one) and everyone can see the network and connect to it downstairs. Granted the signal isn't great being down stairs, but it should still pick it up and connect. I'm getting nothing at all. I use my tablet for contacting parents with updates and pictures. I keep them updated and send them messages. If they send me messages, I need to be able to connect to the network to get their messages. So far I'm having to bring both tablets to work. And that is just ridiculous. One just for the connection with the parents.

I upgraded my tablet because I needed more space and better specs because I do lesson planning on the tablet, and editing of newsletter and calendar. Tab A just was not handling that very well with out hanging up. So I hope it's something that they can solve. I knew about the WiFi issue but it was just in regards to the way it was being held. I don't hold mine all day. It sits on a cubicle shelf by the door where reception is best. I'm going to be really upset if this $400 tablet just has crappy wifi reception. I know that I can get a USB C OTG dongle and plug my Netgear wifi adapter into it to boost the wifi reception. But I shouldn't have to do that on a $400 tablet. Besides that will drain the tablet battery faster.

Has anyone had this issue and found a fix? They keep assuring me that the trouble shooting steps will fix my issue. But that's what the tech last night assured me of resetting the network settings.


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